Ah, yes… The ever present list of Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s with your name, anyway?

My real name is Bronwen, which is 12th or 13th Century Welsh. The name Bronwen is derived from Welsh mythology and has an assortment of translations which vary depending on which drunken Welsh poet you talk to and how many drinks he has had at that time. One of the most common translations is “hair black as the raven, skin white as the dove“, but the one the guys like is “white breasted“. Go figure…


Ok, so why the funky characters in the domain and site name?

Unfortunately, bronwen.com was taken some years ago, and even though the current owners aren’t using the domain, nor are they willing to sell it to me, so I had to find an acceptable alternative. I am also a firm believer in keeping domain names as short and sweet as possible, and the current version is fairly close to the normal spelling of my first name. (FYI, the correct spelling of my domain is b-r-zero-n-w-three-n-dot-com, but I also picked up b-r-oh-n-w-three-n-dot-com just in case people miss the zero. Which they do. A lot…)

Besides, mixing numbers and letters in the name is more l33t, emphasizing the fact that I’ve been a netizen for a really long time. In “Internet years” (think “dog years” only worse), I’m a real old geezer who not only remembers bubble cards and TRS 80’s, but I was there when people who knew about them thought they were cool!


What kind of technical training do you do?

I can teach nearly anyone how to use their computer more effectively, but I also get gigs for eCommerce, search engine optimization (SEO), or effective web design. My list of skills includes, but is not limited to: HTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP/mySQL, Adobe Creative Suite, and the Microsoft Office/365 Suite.

I am “cross platform compatible”, able to work on Windows, Macintosh, and different flavor UNIX systems with equal ease.

And if you’re looking for something more esoteric, I have also been known to tutor in astronomy, both observational and introductory. If that isn’t odd-ball enough for you, we can talk about flying ultralights, basketry from natural materials, wild foods, and wilderness survival.


You claim to be a public speaker. What kind of speaking do you do?

Well, once upon a timeĀ I was a planetarium lecturer at the Griffith Observatory where a typical audience could have as many as 600+ people in the planetarium theater. That was after working as a museum guide for three years beforehand. Over the years I’ve given lectures, seminars and classes on college campuses and in corporate training rooms discussing everything from astronomy to geophysics to effective web design to e-marketing to identity theft to dog training.

Does that qualify?


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