Cybersecurity Links I Recommend

A quick Google search about cybersecurity will return an overwhelming number of “hits,” many of which will be misleading or useless, depending on your knowledge and skill level. The links below are for sites and resources I personally recommend. If you have something you can recommend, let me know.

Current Events and Basic Info

Bruce Schneier (blog, newsletter)

Daniel Miessler (blog, newsletter, podcast, tutorials)

Krebs on Security (blog, newsletter)

Smashing Security (podcast, website)

Geek Training and Tutorials

Antisyphon Infosec Training (training, cyber range, pay-as-you-can options)

HackerRank (coding training, challenges, multiple languages)

The Linux Foundation (non-profit all about developing Linux, free sysadmin training)

SANS Cyber Aces (free cybersecurity training course)