SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the “holy grails” of web design. It is also one of the least understood aspects of eCommerce. Because most business people don’t understand the realities of search engine optimization, they often fall prey to scams, charlatans, and flat-out rip-offs. And I’m not just talking about small to medium sized businesses. Bad SEO investments happen at the corporate level all the time, and because corporations have larger budgets they are a more appealing target for tricksters selling snake-oil.

To help turn the tide of ignorance I am writing a series of articles to walk you through various aspects of search engine optimization from beginning to end. I recommend you go through these articles in order, starting with basic concepts and gradually working your way up to practical code solutions. New articles are  posted Monday morning each week, or as soon thereafter as time allows.

And if there are specific questions you want me to address in this series, let me know!



  1. Content is King for Search Engine Optimization
  2. Finding Your Keywords and Phrases
  3. Making Web Analytics Work For You
  4. Why Text Triumphs in Search Engine Optimization
  5. Weaving Your Keywords Into Your Website
  6. Use Your HEAD (Tags, that is…) Part I – The TITLE
  7. Use Your HEAD, Part II: Meta Tags and Metadata
  8. Use Your HEAD, Part III: Meta Tags and HTTP
  9. Use Your HEAD, Part IV: Meta Keywords
  10. Use Your HEAD, Part V: Meta Description
  11. Love Your Body

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