Thoughts About Diversity

Diversity is one of the buzzwords of the day. But what does it really mean and why does it matter?

Why We Bother

When Wired published an article titled “The Worst Cybersecurity Breaches of 2018 So Far,” I asked myself, “Why do we even bother?”

The Meaning of Stewardship

I came very close to losing my cool today with an Evangelical Christian. It wasn’t about politics, or abortion, or gun control. It was over something simple…

Do Not Pray

Prayers are great at making the pray-er feel better. They do not fix anything.

2016, I hate you

This year has been like a mashup of an STD and Ebola. And it just won’t stop…

How do you fight fear?

Over and over I see the fear-mongers whipping their zealots into a frenzy, using tactics developed by the Nazis to strip the disenfranchised of their reason and their wills, turning people into a mob, all for the sake of power. I see their manipulations, but I don’t know what to do to stop it.

I wore black today…

I wore black today. I knew the Electoral College would shuffle Trump into the White House, in spite of all the petitions, in spite of the popular vote, in spite of the fact that the man they advanced is a fascist, egomaniacal, narcissistic con man.

When in Doubt, Check it Out!

In the wake of this year’s election, there is a lot of bologna flying around about what the Founding Fathers of the United Stated intended. But there is an easy…