Getting Presidential – Award, that is…

I just got word that I have been chosen to receive the President of the United States’ Volunteer Service Award. Special Assistant to the President and Acting Director of The White House Office of USA Freedom Corps Alison T. Young will be presenting me and a number of others with a Presidential Volunteer Service Award later this week.

The award is for service I give and have given to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. As close friends and family know, I am a Professional Service Responder (PSR) with OCSD, and have been since 2002. Over the years I have donated time to help with flyers, update and maintain web pages, and most recently I’ve been the Site Administrator for the OCSD Community Services Blog.

The thing that keeps me working with OCSD is that, although I have no desire to ride around in a squad car chasing after bad guys, there are things I can do to make life easier for the men and women who do just that. As the saying goes, it’s an honor and a privilege!


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