I Choose

My heart goes out to the victims of Orlando. It was already saddened over the Stanford rapist.

These acts of wanton violence are not things that should be glorified, yet I know that there will be little else available on the airwaves for days and days to come.  

Black Ribbon for The PulseFacebook and Twitter will be inundated. Pundits on every television and radio station will talk of little else. And in the end, none of this glorification of violence solves the problem. In a very real way, it IS the problem.

Our media excels at fear mongering. It promotes terror and glorifies it. It sows the seeds and fans the flames of hatred. It offers no solutions. It only makes the problems worse.

Problems don’t go away by themselves. I choose to do what I can to solve the problem.

I choose to be part of the solution.
I choose not to live in fear.
I choose to embrace people of different faiths and different lifestyles, to enjoy those differences and celebrate them for the wondrous expressions of creation that they are.

I choose life.
I choose love.

What do you choose?


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